If you’ve introduced a cute small guinea pig or a rabbit into your family, you need to ensure your floppy-eared friend is comfortable in their enclosure. Powells’ Stockfeeds offers a wide range of rabbit enclosures and hutches for small animals such as guinea pigs, hamsters, and mice.

From leading brands, our cages and hutches come in a variety of shapes and sizes whether it’s a mini townhouse or a cottage so that your pet feels at home. We also stock indoor and outdoor hutches that are spacious, properly ventilated and can be easily cleaned. If you’re not sure what cage or hutch might be right for your small animal, contact us or head to our store to talk to our friendly pet experts about the best hutches.

Can’t find the small animal product you’re looking for online? Contact our Powells’ Stockfeeds store and we’ll let you know whether we have the item you need!